Virgin female flesh eaten by Chinese Communist Party Cannibals


Virgin female flesh eaten by Chinese Communist Party Cannibals

Chinese Communist police seized Falun Gong practitioners or Tibetan protesters and paid big money for Chinese cannibals to slaughter victims to feed dogs, to soak in alcohol, to cook human raw flesh and to mix with other kinds of meat in the market.
One photographer discovered other terrible cannibalism when he visited his friend’s home in one of cannibal villages in China.
Poor Chinese Communist villagers couldn’t afford buying meat. They had to raise one pig to have pork meat for the poor Lunar New Year. Now their living has been much better. They have eaten meat every day.
They chose to eat virgin female raw flesh to celebrate Lunar New Year. They usually kidnapped lonely female travelers who wanted to stay overnight or rented rooms in the village. The lucky homeowner predators in the village usually had honest faces to deceive single female traveler preys. Kidnapped females would be raised and would not have sex with men until Lunar New Year. Brutal Chinese Communist Cannibals believed that virgin human flesh was very delicious, especially the female reproductive areas. The predator family could enjoy human flesh through the spring. Or they could sell human flesh to other families that did not have chances to capture such a female prey. (Hey! some psycho Chinese Communist Cannibals could eat male preys too.)
There was usually no traveler in Lunar New Year therefore the cannibalism was not discovered.
This female prey was about 20 years old. She was unemployed worker. She traveled alone. She was kidnapped at the home of the friend of the photographer. The uncle of his friend was the security officer of the village handcuffed and covered the mouth of the unlucky female to wash the body before he butcher her meat.
The photographer asked his friend that why his friend was still single and could marry her and save her life. His friend said this Chinese cannibal village did not allow males to marry females in other Chinese villages. Females in other Chinese villages only served as a meat storage for cannibalism. One family could only eat human flesh of one female body. There were 2 families of 2 brothers living in the same house and they had the right to eat human fleshes of 2 female bodies.
The security officer poked blood out. He butchered her meat into many parts to serve for future. He said blood and intestine cooked together was very delicious. He let the dog sucked human blood splattered on the floor and ate some human bones.
The photographer had the chance to bring the real photos he took to the internet as the S.O.S for the world to know the brutal Chinese Communist Party Cannibals could eat human fleshes of the Falun Gong practitioners and Tibetan protesters and terrorized their innocent people. People on the world should boycott Chinese meat products mixed with human flesh. Foreigners should not risk their lives to travel to China because they would be eaten by brutal Chinese Communist Cannibals.
Thank you for spreading this story to save the world.

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